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Friday, 29 January 2010


Last night's Question Time was an unusual one indeed. It featured three right-of-centre panelists - Lord Lawson, Douglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion and Jane Moore of the Sun. (When did this last happen? Has it ever happened before?) All three, moreover, were excellent (especially Jane). Even the audience contained a decent number of non-nutters for once! The main lesson I took away from watching it was that the Lib Dems hold opinions I find even less to my taste than Labour's. I can't think of a single thing I agreed with Baroness Tonge over (and much the same can be said of Sarah Teather last week). Our liberals are so left-wing.
Quantifying last night's Question Time reveals the following stats:
Who got most time to speak?
1. Nigel Lawson - 12 minutes 51 seconds
2. Jenny Tonge - 8 minutes 46 seconds
3. Douglas Murray - 8 minutes 25 seconds
4. Ben Bradshaw - 8 minutes 4 seconds
5. Jane Moore - 6 minutes 19 seconds
Who received the most interruptions from David Dimbleby?
1. Nigel Lawson - 10
2. Jenny Tonge - 7
3. Douglas Murray - 6
4. Jane Moore - 5
5. Ben Bradshaw - 4
Who scored the highest interruption coefficient?
1. Jenny Tonge - 0.8
1. Jane Moore - 0.8
1. Nigel Lawson - 0.8
4. Douglas Murray-0.7
5. Ben Bradshaw - 0.5
Who was asked the most supplementary questions by David Dimbleby?
1. Jenny Tonge - 10
2. Nigel Lawson - 8
3. Ben Bradshaw - 7
4. Jane Moore - 2
5. Douglas Murray - 2
Yet again it was the Labour politician who had the easiest ride from the 'famously impartial' David Dimbleby!


  1. notice how many times the liebore bod sits next to dumblebum never on the end why...just watch dimblebum attack the tories as soon as they get in.its their fault even though they have been in power for a for QT bbc thinks its doing fine,have a guest chairman that would make it better

  2. Did Dimblebore introduce Douglas Murray as being from a "right-wing" think tank ? If not, why not ?

    jennyblob. Nice to see a new contributor here and a good idea about QT having a guest chairman (person ? ) each week.

    Craig. If jennyblob is a female, I think you will need to start posting some photos of hunks and I don't mean John Prescott. Wouldn't want anyone to think this site is sexist !

  3. No can do Grant! It's either John Prescott or women all the way!!

  4. Well I have to reconsider my position with reference to this website and whether it is appropriate, whether lessons have been
    learned , whether it is sufficiently robust, whether er.............. er.... !!!!


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