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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Fields, pavements and side roads weren't the only things being buried beneath the snow today.
In a telling choice of priorities the BBC News at Six (BBC1) decided not to lead with the attempted coup against Gordon Brown by two of his senior Labour colleagues, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon. No, it was snow, snow and more snow for the first 12 minutes of the broadcast. Only at 6.12 did the story change to Labour's latest bout of bitter infighting. Moreover, the segment on the Labour Party's latest leadership crisis lasted 5 minutes - less than half the time spent on the snow. Does this show (a) that the BBC is increasingly trivial in its news agenda, (b) that it will do anything to minimize a story that deeply embarrasses the Labour Party or (c) both of the above?
Channel 4 News (with Jon Snow) at 7.00 naturally led with the Gordon Brown story before moving onto the snow. And ITN's 6.30 News also led with the Brown story before moving onto the snow. Indeed, ITV spent the first 10 minutes discussing Labour (twice as long as the BBC) before (after a short break) spending 8 minutes on the snow.

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  1. Some beeboids are trying to cover their arses.
    A good and rare bbc joke on The Now Show was:
    What is the similarity between a snowman and Gordon Brown?
    Answer - they are both gone by Spring.
    Hope this proves true otherwise I am definately leaving this sinking ship.


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