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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Unlike Radio 4's The World Tonight, which characteristically discussed the economy with Vince Cable only, Newsnight gathered Lord Myners, Philip Hammond and, yes, Vince Cable to chew over banking reform. Jeremy Paxman's interruptions (as ever on such occasions) were not fairly distributed, as the interruption coefficients show very clearly:
Philip Hammond - 10 interruptions, I.C of 3.2
Vince Cable - 3 interruptions, I.C. of 1.3
Lord Myners - 4 interruptions, I.C. of 1.2
This had followed a bank-bashing report by Paul Mason, featuring a new BBC favourite, former high-flying banker and 'City Boy' author Geraint Anderson (son of Labour MP Donald Anderson), now a sharp critic of the bankers.


  1. Whilst the BBC clearly hate George Osborne for being a 'Tory toff' they fear Philip Hammond and there seems to be a policy of not letting him have enough time to explain any point. Am I right in thinking that his interviews have more interruptions than any other MPs?

  2. You're spot on. Philip Hammond is ahead by a mile. He's got an astonishing 9 entries in my Top 20 (out of a total now of 1858 entries!)
    His oily Labour counterpart Liam Byrne only appears in the Top 20 once, and he's much more worthy of interruption than Philip Hammond.
    No one else other than Mr Hammond appears more than once in my Top 20.


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