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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


With all today's talk on the BBC about inequality, it was left to Eddie Mair's PM to offer (in Eddie's words) a platform for "an alternative view" - a view which to me sounded like nothing more than good sense - from Richard D. North ( He said what Theresa May should have said this morning, but wouldn't never have dared say in a decade of sundays: Inequality is not necessarily a bad thing. Poverty is.
PM didn't push the boat out too far however, as all Richard got was an almost derisory 1 minute 23 seconds to speak! Talk about giving with one hand and taking with another.

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  1. I actually listened to this live and was amazed. But then disappointed that Eddie Mair didn't question Richard North.
    Is this BBC bias in that they can say someone has put a contrary view, but then not allow them to expand on it ?
    I think the interview was pre-recorded, not live.


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