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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Last night's The World Tonight, possibly the most consistently left-wing of the BBC's main current affairs programmes, discussed Alistair Campbell's performance at the Chilcot Inquiry with (a) Simon Hoggart of The Guardian, then (b) Ed Owen, a former special advisor to Jack Straw and contributor to The Guardian and The New Statesman, and finally John Kampfner, former editor of The New Statesman. Later, when the focus turned (yet again) to bank bonuses, were heard a rare defence on the BBC of bankers' bonuses from Stuart Fraser of the City of London Corporation, before a view on the Obama administration's policy from a man introduced as "Christian Weller, professor of public policy at the University of Massachusetts, Boston." Most of the Americans interviewed by The World Tonight turn out to be from the left-liberal wing of US politics and Dr Weller is one of them, being from the liberal Center for American Progress.

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