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Sunday, 10 January 2010


Last night Not a Sheep posted a prediction about the BBC concerning the Mail on Sunday's coverage of former Labour Party general secretary Peter Watt's eye-watering revelations about the dysfunctionality and sheer incompetence at the heart of Gordon Brown's government: "Do read the whole Mail piece and wonder at the way the BBC will ignore or find a way to dismiss this story and concentrate on how Gordon Brown is single-handedly saving the country from shortages of gas and road grit."
Not a Sheep's prediction wasn't long in coming true. The story is buried away at the bottom of an article entitled 'Gordon Brown says leadership challenge was 'silliness''.
The article gives only the briefest possible flavour of what Mr Watt has to say, prefering instead to concentrate on undermining him (and, thus, protecting Gordon):
BBC Political correspondent Carole Walker said it was important to remember Mr Watt was forced to resign as general secretary and was "clearly very angry".

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