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Thursday, 28 January 2010


Jim Naughtie (pictured right, devouring a Tory) was on his knees, tugging his forelock, before Gordon Brown and President Karzai of Afghanistan. The interruption coefficient for his interview with Brown here was 0.4.
There was nobody from the Right of the political spectrum on today's Today (again).
The picture is really of Sinosauropteryx, a meat eating dinosaur (or 'meatosaur' as Naughtie called it!) that lived in China, and has been found to have had orange and white stripes on its tail. A fascinating story potentially. Unfortunately, the scientific reasoning and the trail of evidence behind this finding were very quickly passed over so that Today could talk about pictures of dinosaurs in children's book instead. I am not interested in the latter, but very interested in the former. Dumbing down?

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