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Sunday, 17 January 2010


As The World This Weekend began its coverage of the upcoming election in Massachusetts for the senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy, I was pleasantly surprised to hear an interview with a Republican senator, Mel Martinez from Florida. Such people are rare orchids on the BBC. After interviewing him, however, Brian Hanrahan moved on to a voice from the Left, Senator Bernie Sanders, the socialist independent from Vermont. Ah well, a voice from the American Right alone is a thing even rarer on the BBC, and such balance is always to be applauded - would that it always worked in the other direction, which it so very rarely does at the BBC. Then came a third interview, this time with Democrat Congressman Chris Van Hollen, thus restoring the BBC's natural tilt to the Liberal-Left. It just had to be that way, didn't it?


  1. Excellent posts as usual Craig.
    Well done.

  2. Absolutely so, and the Republican delegate gave a very balanced viewpoint that our loony left government could try to emulate. Will they?
    Will they hell as their jobs are on the line and they are very very unpopular.
    Notice today how the bbc are heralding that both the government and the LibDems are attacking the Tories. Hmmm seems likely to be a LabLib stitchup on the electorate?


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