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Friday, 22 January 2010


The likely French action against wearing the burqa was discussed on last night's Newsnight by Gavin Esler with his left-wing Dateline friend Agnes Poirier, a gobby, jargon-spouting Muslim student (but quite a looker!) and Lord Pearson of UKIP.
As you would expect with Gavin Esler he was not neutral in the debate. Very far from it. When the Muslim lass wasn't interrupting (or talking over) Lord Pearson, he was! 10 questions and 7 interruptions came in fast succession, resulting in a very high interruption coefficient of 2.8. (If the pretty student hadn't been talking over Lord Pearson so much this I.C. would doubtless have been even higher, as Gavin would have been able to interrupt even more himself!).

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