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Friday, 29 January 2010


The BBC News website has a page devoted to its American readers' reactions:
Americans give verdict on Obama's State of Union speech
BBC News website readers in the United States assess President Obama's first State of the Union address.

There are four short articles from each reader.
First up is a pro-Obama university student:
Obama was amazing last night, he reduced me to tears. I think he's too good for Washington. I voted for him in 2008.
He's got this ability to tell people exactly what he is thinking. Bush gave a ton of rhetoric and lied to us for eight years - that's just my view of course - but Obama laid it out plainly.

Next an anti-Obama self-employed lady:
I voted for the opposition, not Obama. I live in a town of very high house repossessions and unemployment - and it hasn't improved.
The speech sounded like he was still campaigning instead of telling us what has been done over the past year.

So far so balanced. Then the BBC reverts to type. Next up is another critic of Obama, but a Republican-hating critic from the Left:
Many of us progressives who worked for his election feel we have been conned. He's great at speeches, but nothing ever happens.
I don't see any difference with the Republicans.
No-one is standing up to the big business interests.
It's wonderful to see a black man running the country. The Republicans damaged the country so badly he was able to get elected, but he's squandering it all.
And finally it's back to another pro-Obama reader:
What struck me most about Obama's speech was his reaching out across the
aisle to get Congress working.
Republicans so far would rather see him fail than achieve anything that would help the country.
The Republicans are holding the nation hostage. Obama has been very diplomatic and tactful, but it's time to take the gloves off. I think he was starting to do that last night.

The BBC is simply incapable of being fair to the American Right. They are so instinctively pro-Democrat and pro-Obama that they doubtless think this selection is a fair and balanced one.

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