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Sunday, 10 January 2010


Now having recorded the interruption coefficients of over 1700 interviews with UK politicians since the start of June 2009, I've built up a lot of data. Being a quiet, slippy Sunday, I thought I'd pool all my monthly speadsheets into a single superspreadsheet & see what that showed me now.
The thing that stood out straightaway (as it will to you too) was the colour-coordination of the Top 30 interviews - i.e. the toughest of the tough. Here is that chart, grouped by political party:
Andrew Neil Philip Hammond Conservative 5.7
Andrew Neil Phillip Hammond Conservative 3.9
Jo Coburn Phillip Hammond Conservative 3.6
Jeremy Paxman Philip Hammond Conservative 3.6
James Naughtie Phillip Hammond Conservative 3.5
Andrew Neil Chris Grayling Conservative 3.3
Jeremy Paxman Philip Hammond Conservative 3.1
Andrew Neil Philip Hammond Conservative 3.1
Andrew Neil Damian Green Conservative 3
Andrew Neil Andrew Lansley Conservative 2.9
Glenn Campbell David Mundell Conservative 2.9
Anita Anand Alun Cairns Conservative 2.9
Andrew Neil Jeremy Hunt Conservative 2.8
Jo Coburn Justine Greening Conservative 2.8
Andrew Neil Phillip Hammond Conservative 2.8
John Humphrys George Osborne Conservative 2.8
Kirsty Wark Greg Clark Conservative 2.7
Jo Coburn Grant Shapps Conservative 2.5
Adrian Masters Andrew RT Davies Conservative 2.5
Jeremy Paxman Michael Gove Conservative 2.5
Andrew Neil Mark Hoban Conservative 2.5

Jeremy Paxman Liam Byrne Labour 3.7
Jeremy Paxman Phil Woolas Labour 3.4
Jeremy Paxman Bill Rammell Labour 2.9
Jeremy Paxman Ben Bradshaw Labour 2.8
Jeremy Paxman Lord West Goat 2.8
Jeremy Paxman Denis MacShane Labour 2.7

Andrew Neil Jo Swinson Lib Dem 2.9

Jeremy Paxman Alex Salmond SNP 2.6

Anita Anand Glenn Tingle UKIP 2.8

As you can see 21 of the 30 toughest interviews on the BBC have been against Conservative MPs, with one against UKIP - making that 22/30 against right-of-centre politicians. That's proof of BBC bias if you ever needed it.
Also remarkable is the range of interviewers interrupting Conservatives and UKIP, as compared to only Jeremy Paxman (respect to him!) for Labour!!!! That's even more proof of BBC bias (but also a feather in Paxo's cap).
Also standing out is the name of Philip Hammond. One thing this shows me is that I haven't always spelled his christian name properly! The other is that he gets a far worse time of it on the BBC than his Labour opposite number, that slippery, giggling rascal Liam Byrne. (I think that might strengthen my case with Mr Hammond!)

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