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Monday, 25 January 2010


It's Monday morning, so that means its recycling time again. Here's another update on something I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. This is (again) what I wrote in its entirity:

Most editions of Radio 4's Westminster Hour feature a political journalist,
who usually casts an eye over some key event or other in a one-to-one chat with presenter Carolyn Quinn. On 30th November it dawned on me that the featured journalists seemed to be coming disproportionately from the UK's left-liberal newspapers. So I began to note down who was getting the invitations.
* This is the story so far:
10/1/10 Nick Watt of the Guardian
3/1/10 Michael Savage of the Independent
27/12/09 no programme
20/12/09 no journalist
13/12/09 Andrew Miller of the Economist
6/12/09 George Parker of the Financial Times
29/11/09 Toby Helm of the Observer
22/11/09 no journalist
15/11/09 Nick Watt of the Guardian
Case proven?

Well, the trend continues unabated. Last week (17/1/10) it was Andrew Grice of the Independent. He was, unsurprisingly, much more critical of the Conservatives than of Labour. This week (24/1/10) it was Kevin McGuire of the Daily Mirror, who talked up Labour and talked down the Tories (as he does).
Last week I added, "Any chance of someone from the Times or the Telegraph getting a look in any time soon?" Well, not this week.


  1. I predict that someone from the Telegraph will be on soon. Mary Riddell ?

  2. Now that made me laugh.

    Andy C (TPO)


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