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Sunday, 24 January 2010


Though I know I'm treading a very lonely path here (as not even Scots are interested in it), I do find The Politics Show: Scotland really intriguing as concerns political bias. Its presenter Glenn Campbell is so shamelessly pro-Labour and, conversely, so clearly anti-SNP and (when he can be bothered to interview them) anti-Conservative that it stands out not just a mile but several miles. A re-built Tower of Babel in the Netherlands would be less obvious! Perhaps because the show doesn't get high viewing figures (probably only me and a few MSPs), Glenn thinks he can get away with it unobserved.
Today he interviewed a UK Labour minister (who I'd never heard of) called Ann McKechin. He interrupted her only once, and then only for factual clarification. The resultant I.C. was a paltry 0.3. Amazingly for this highly assertive interviewer, there were even pauses after several of her answers, so respectful was he towards her. I had to smile at that. She shared the interview with an SNP MSP called Anne McLauglin, who Glenn interrupted four times, cutting her off twice (I.C. of 1.3). One of those interruptions was a cheeky contradiction, which put her off her stride and made the Labour MP laugh at her expense.
Useless SNP minister Fiona Hyslop also came under Glenn's fire. The interview began with Haiti and there were, as would be expected here, few interruptions. However, in the final couple of minutes the conversation turned to Scottish affairs & the interruptions piled in (overall I.C. of 0.8).
There were no Conservative guests this week (and no UKIP guests, but then again there are never any UKIP interviewees on this programme!!), so no harm came to them.
As I keep saying, I look at this with complete scientific detachment (strongly disliking both Labour and the SNP). I can't help but wonder though why the feisty Alex Salmond isn't tossing a caber at Glenn Campbell even as I write?


  1. How I laughed at this post !
    Peering down from my lofty eyrie in Edinburgh, I sometimes switch on to the Daily Politics on a Thursday, just to be reminded of that it is the Scottish version. The air turns blue as I reach for the off switch.
    It is difficult to explain to outsiders the sheer pettiness, childishness and inbreeding in Scottish politics and journalism.
    And the sheer hatred between the SNP and Labour is quite unbelievable but understandable as they are fighting over the same left-wing ground.
    God help us if we get independence !

  2. I'm going to confess something really, really bad here Grant: I even watch First Minister's Questions on the Parliament Channel!
    The contempt they all have for each other (probably rightly) is really something to behold.

  3. Well, Craig, who is sadder, you or them ? !!
    No, I take that back. You are in a different class !
    The SNP , who only got about 18% of the electorate at the last election, are quite nuts, or should I say bonkers. I always ask them what happens if England goes independent, leaves the EU and keeps the pound ? ( If I were english, I would ! ).
    The silence is deafening !


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