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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The Conservatives are courting 'the wisdom of crowds', or 'crowd sourcing' in the jargon. (Please hand me my revolver!) This idea, of pooling many minds to find new solutions, was discussed on today's The Daily Politics, beginning with a report by young Adam Fleming. His 'talking heads' were Lib Dem activist 'Gez' Smith of Delib, former Blair advisor Dr David Halpern of the Institute for Government (fresh from his appearance on yesterday's Today programme) and blogospere-loathing leftie James Harkin from the Guardian and New Statesman. Jo Coburn then discussed the issue with Hugh Flouch of social networking organisation Networked Neighbourhoods. Un'sourced' in this particular 'crowd' were any Conservatives, or anyone else from the political Right. The likelihood of any actual wisdom, therefore, was significantly reduced!!

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  1. Was this the same edition I switched on briefly to see Ken Livingstone, without irony, discussing alcohol. Who is he ? Who elected him ? Who does he represent ? Is he blackmailing the BBC ?


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