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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


An enjoyable Daily Politics today, with Andrew on top form, Norman Tebbit talking good sense (on almost everything) and an interesting discussion with Richard Dawkins.
Only lovely Jo Coburn let the side down with her presentation on the parties' proposals on marriage, outlining Labour's laughable proposals without even the merest whiff of criticism or cynicism but outlining the Conservative position with this caveat: "The Conservatives want to reward marriage in the tax system, but detailed proposals about how they would afford it have not been decided." Has Labour's leaflet to all expecting dads advising them on how to be dads been costed Jo?
And on top of that there was with her abuse of David Cameron's admirable admission that he wasn't quite with it one morning, having a lot on his mind (we all know that feeling!): "Just to go back to the issue of families, because David Cameron had made it a central plank, even though he in his own words 'messed up' in terms of exactly what the Tory Party could promise."
Thank God (sorry Richard) for Andrew Neil to provide some balance to all this! Andrew Neil is bracingly right-wing, but he attacks Tories and Labour and UKIP and Lib Dems with equal relish (indeed he's generally harder on his own side!). He is an example to the rest of the BBC, including our leftist lovely Jo Coburn, on how not to be a biased interviewer.


  1. I loved the start of the programme where Andrew Neil was asking why the Democrats had taken such a hammering in Mass. I was watching lovely Jo's face, it was a picture, almost a grimace !

    Andrew also caught out the US Ambassador who seemed to think that Wisconsin, or was it Michigan, had voted for McGovern many years ago.

    It is really so funny that the left cannot see the inadequacies of Obama. It just wasn't meant to be like this !

    Great fan of Norman Tebbit, but he is not an intellectual and was out of his depth with Richard Dawkins, who he repeatedy and pointedly called " Mr. " instead of "Professor". Prof. Dawkins was too polite to retaliate by calling Lord Tebbit "Mr."
    Sadly, Norman didn't really see the point that Richard was making about labelling children with religious labels.

    But, all good fun !

  2. Andrew was also entertaining on 'climate change'. I'm looking forward to seeing if John Denham produces that opinion poll on the public's view on the matter, or whether AN publishes a white space (as he threatened) instead!

    The Wisconsin thing was priceless. That, along with Mark Mardell's disappointment over Massachusetts, has made my day.

    Agree with you totally over Lord Tebbit and Richard Dawkins. John Denham was similarly out of his depth, and showed it by being very hesitant to make eye contact with him.

  3. Yes, to be fair to John Denham , he did "confess " to not being religious !

    Overall, one of the big problems is politicians being ignorant of science. Al Bore's recent claim that the core of the earth is several millions degrees hot being a classic example.

    On the other hand many scientists do believe in God. It was Lord Tebbit and John Denham's inability so see the subtext of the point Prof. Dawkins was really making. Religious indoctrination and labelling of children makes the world more dangerous for everyone.

    And, of course, the assumptions were that all religions are "equal" as if being brought up a christian is equivalent to a muslim upbringing !


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