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Friday, 8 January 2010


In the light of Evan Davis's pretty tough interview with David Cameron yesterday, I thought I might look back and see how its interruption coefficient of 1.1 compares with Evan's other interviews with Cameron and Gordon Brown since I began my survey in June 2009. He's conducted two interviews with each man, so this could be a fruitful exercise:
* *
Gordon Brown - 0.4 - 1/6/09
David Cameron - 0.8 - 6/10/09
Gordon Brown - 0.2 - 13/11/09
David Cameron - 1.1 - 7/1/10
Averaged out, this means it's 0.95 for Cameron and 0.3 against Brown - suggesting that Evan Davis is three times tougher in interviews with Cameron than he is with Brown.
Of course, he's not Jim Naughtie, who's only conducted one such interview in this period:
David Cameron - 1.7 - 2/6/09

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