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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


BBC Europe editor Gavin Hewitt provides a neat example of bias by labeling in one of his recent blog articles Though mostly quoting Charles Grant of the Beeb's favouite European think tank, the Centre for European Reform, Gavin ends by giving us a pearl of wisdom from a man he calls "the respected economist Paul Krugman". I wonder if this is part of the reason why Gavin uses the word 'respected' about Mr Krugman: "Krugman describes himself as liberal. He has explained that he views the term "liberal" in the American context to mean "more or less what social democratic means in Europe. Krugman has praised Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, asserting that he "defined the character of the worldwide [financial] rescue effort" and has since urged British voters not to support the opposition Conservative Party, arguing their Party Leader David Cameron "has had little to offer other than to raise the red flag of fiscal panic." (Wikipedia)


  1. In the eyes of a Beeboid , all lefties are "respected".

  2. Why does the BBC consistently get it wrong.

    Here is the Times reporting on what the Governor of the Bank of England has said, quoting him directly.

    And then you have the BBC interpreting what he has said in the fatuously named "Stephanomics" with the line "King: Focus on recovery not borrowing".
    Oh really??

    Andy C

  3. The contrast is extraordinary, isn't it?

    I can't see a single sentence in Steph's post that would have displeased the Labour Party.

    'The Times' quotes Mervyn King at length. Steph prefers to read his mind for us and interpret what he says, avoiding direct quotation - which, if 'The Times' is giving a representative selection of quotes, is evidence that she knows exactly what she's doing - spinning for the government.

    How about re-naming her blog 'StephFlounders'?

  4. Funny, when I googled "Flanders", up came Flanders Moss Nature Reserve !

  5. You are welcome to Ned. I shall stick to Moll.


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