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Monday, 22 February 2010


The day has come at long last. I can now add a Conservative-supporting journalist from a Conservative-supporting magazine to my list of the all-seeing journalists on Radio 4's Westminster Hour!
Here's that list again, with its newest member.
21/2/10 James Forsyth of the Spectator
14/2/10 Jean Eaglesham of the Financial Times
7/2/10 Nick Watt of the Guardian
31/1/10 George Parker of the Financial Times
24/1/10 Kevin Maguire of the Mirror
17/1/10 Andrew Grice of the Independent
10/1/10 Nick Watt of the Guardian
3/1/10 Michael Savage of the Independent
27/12/09 no programme
20/12/09 no journalist
13/12/09 Andrew Miller of the Economist
6/12/09 George Parker of the Financial Times
29/11/09 Toby Helm of the Observer
22/11/09 no journalist
15/11/09 Nick Watt of the Guardian

That said, it must be pointed out that, unlike every single one of the left-leaning journos on this list - with the sole exception of Kev Maguire on 24/1 - Mr Forsyth was not alone with Carolyn Quinn. He had the Lib Dem-supporting pollster Mike Smithson for company. One consequence of this was that James got much less time to speak that all those other left-wing journalists. How typical is that!!! You wait weeks for a Conservative-supporting all-seeing journalist to appear on the programme, then when he turns up he's chaperoned by a Lib Dem and, therefore, isn't even allowed to be all-seeing!!!

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