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Sunday, 28 February 2010


When the BBC bases a story on a report from a think tank it's (famously) usually the IPPR, and if it isn't the IPPR it's usually that other respected left-wing think tank Demos.
The second story on the BBC News website at the moment is titled 'Call to scrap school exclusions', with the summary 'Excluding badly behaved pupils from school should be abolished because it punishes vulnerable children, a think tank says.'
As soon as I saw that I thought 'IPPR?', but I was wrong: "Demos says current exclusion rules, which hand difficult pupils over to local authorities, affect children with special educational needs."

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  1. Not just think tanks - on the Toady Programme this morning they quoted 3 times in one interval from the Gruniard, and once from the Mirror on Cameron, while modifying the others papers text to their left standpoint.
    To be fair (which they are not), they did twice mention "another 5 years of Brown" which should frighten 95% of our population. They stated 7 out of 10 would hate this, which means to me the poll was done in Labour constituencies only.


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