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Friday, 19 February 2010


It's only a few days since 20 leading economists wrote a letter critical of the Labour government's handling of the deficit. This story was buried away by the lads and lasses at the BBC News website and downplayed right across the BBC - just like yesterday's bad economic news. When I wake up this morning, however, what is the main story on the BBC News website?

Economists back delay on government spending cuts
The BBC is beyond shameless!


  1. Having packed my little one off to school I settled down to have my morning perusal of my favourite blogs before turning to the newspapers. Yours is always the second, after Guido.
    Your post on this lead story prompted me to have alook at their website. Something I don't often do these days, only to find that the lead story has now been changed to:

    Tories scaring voters over deficit, says Brown

    You're right. The BBC is beyond shameless

    Andy C

  2. Thanks for the kind words Andy.

    I wouldn't blame you if you chose never to look at the BBC website again. I've only started to look at it in earnest very recently (feeling that I was missing an easily-accessible area of investigation). At least one of its main articles is guaranteed to get my goat every day. It's obviously a nest of screaming lefties. That headline remains entirely typical of its sheer blatancy when it comes to pro-Labour bias.

    P.S. I've always wanted to thank you for some other very kind words you wrote after I made a bit of a prat of myself once on the Biased BBC website (on the ever-vexed issue of Israel and the Palestinians). I was very moved at the time, and still am. Thank you.

  3. I may have a five year old daughter but I'm still a 62 year old fart. Must be the memory playing up but I don't ever recall you making a 'prat' of yourself over at B-BBC. I'd say to the contrary, given the power of your blog. Keep it up.

    Andy C

  4. Andy C

    Well, Andy, you have certainly kept it up, you old dog !
    (Craig, feel free to moderate this one, I just couldn't resist it ! )


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