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Saturday, 27 February 2010


In its deeply europhile desire to hear no evil and speak no evil of the European Commission the BBC is neglecting to report the never-ending 'mission creep' of that institution.
The Daily Telegraph reports that Herman Van Rompuy is, exactly as Nigel Farage was saying, making serious moves to increase his powers at the expense of national sovereignty:
The Telegraph report shows that this unelected man, who (in the spirit of Nigel!) has all the charisma of a used tea-bag, is (as the self-same Nigel says) a 'dangerous' man.
The negative coverage that the BBC has been giving Nigel Farage over his non-wishy-washy remarks about President Van Rampuy is a reflex action. The man is right but they don't want to hear it.

You will hear nothing of this on the BBC News website (from which the BBC could prune a few hard-line Europhiles for starters).


  1. Whilst the BBC find Van Rompuy to be, in their words on similar issues, 'not newsworthy' this issue clearly needs airing:-

    "Openly gay athletes not visible at Winter Olympics"

    I know, I know. I said I rarely look at the BBC website but I was curious to see how the BBC were reporting Vancouver 2010 seeing as, true to form, they have more freeloaders in Canada that Britain has competitors.
    They didn't disappoint with this facile tosh.

    PS - We all passed the Canadian equivalent of the Norman Tebbit cricket test. We've all been rooting for Canada regardless of who they're against. My 5 year old daughter even waived a Canadian flag and sang the anthem "Oh Canada" whilst watching the opening ceremony.

    Andy C

  2. They'll all be trotting off to South Africa soon.

    It must be disappointing that they'll all have to stay in London in 2012!

  3. On the plus side, S. Africa may be a little more dangerous than Canada, not that I would wish anything bad to happen to our dear little Beeboids........


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