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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Did anyone hear anything about the English Democrats' spring conference on the BBC? Both Today and the BBC News website reported those of the Green Party and Plaid Cymru, and Today featured interviews with their respective party leaders. There's been nothing equivalent for the Eng Dems. This despite them winning a similar number of votes in last year's European elections as the SNP and more than twice the number of Plaid. As they are being comprehensively ignored by the BBC (as far as I'm aware) you could probably guess that they are a right-of-centre political party!

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  1. I have been quite a follower of UKIP, having met the founding leader , Alan Sked, ( a fellow Scot ! ) a couple of times many years ago.
    In the early years the BBC totally ignored UKIP, even when they first got into the EU parliament.
    Now, to be fair to the BBC ( sticks in my throat , of course ), they do seem to give them a reasonable crack of the whip. EG, Stuart Wheeler on DP yesterday.
    Maybe, the Eng Dems will follow the same pattern.


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