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Friday, 12 February 2010


I once tried out an over-elaborate system to try and track the Today paper review's perceived tendency to name-check certain (left-wing) newspapers in preference to other (right-wing) papers. For a few weeks now I've been trying again, this time with a far simpler system - just recording which newpapers are mentioned in every paper review, and by whom. I will give it a few more weeks before counting them all up, but the trends are becoming clear. Certain days see more mentions of The Guardian, The Independent and even The Mirror than others. Those days tend to feature a certain James Naughtie. (Things seem worst when he teams up with Justin Webb). The statistical significance of this is getting sharper by the week. The other Today presenters are less clear-cut (so far) and John Humphrys is proving highly, surprisingly and commendably unpredictable, some days going big on The Guardian, other days not. Another month or two will provide enough evidence for a clearer overview to be provided.


  1. The wife and I used to play a game when Andrew Marx did his Sunday newspaper review. Having scanned the headlines elsewhere we would guess, with unerring accuracy, which newspaper headlines would NOT be in camera shot. The dead certs for exclusion were those headlines critical of the BBC, never once got a look in, but anything critical of the competition, or of Tory indiscretions, well lets just say that the camera would linger.

    Which bring me onto an oddity. Looking at some of the comments appearing in UK press websites it seems that readers have picked up on the BBC's endless plugging of a soon to be broadcast ITV show.
    Oh now I get it. Gordon's shameless politicing in using the death of his child and his "fairytale" romance with Sarah.
    The Standard's reader's comments, with one exception, convey disgust.

    Andy C

  2. Andy C
    I saw a clip of the interview on Channel 4 news and it was absolutely sick-making. Utterly blatant electioneering.
    It is hypothetical, but I wonder if the BBC had a chance to do this interview and turned it down so that they wouldn't have to explain why they weren't doing interviews with the other party leaders. Maybe, I am too cynical.

  3. Craig
    Should be interesting and I wonder if they do quote from the Mail or Telegraph which reports they will select.
    The Telegraph is sort of half left wing now, so watch out for BBC balance in the selections !


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