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Thursday, 25 February 2010


More outrageous cheek from James Naughtie on this morning's Today programme.

Interviewing George Osborne again, Naughtie recalled their last encounter (where he was caught out by Mr Osborne and tried to bluster and lie his way out of trouble in response) but instead of apologising to Mr Osborne for this The-Beeb's-Most-Biased said: "Well let me ask you for a straight answer to this question. I put it to you the other day and, with all respect to you (yeah, right!!), you didn't give a terribly straight answer because you went wandering off, as people sometimes do."

"Because you went wandering off"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For what really happened, please click here:

Last week, Mr Osborne busted Naughtie. Today, sadly, he reverted to type and took this gratuitous and dishonest insult on the chin without a murmur. He should not have done so. I can't begin to think why he did do so. I'm getting sick of complaining about this to the BBC and Mr Osborne's office. Come on George, please do something about it!!


  1. Craig,
    Do you ever get any response from Osborne's office ?

  2. One came through two days ago apologising for the delay in replying (due to the office being inundated with e-mails in recent weeks - unsurprisingly!), and saying thank you for bringing this to our attention. Besides offering kind regards, that was it! This was in response to to a January e-mail (about Bonkersgate).

    This must be considered progress, as my earlier e-mails (introducing the Interruption Coefficient spreadsheet, among other general things) went unanswered.

    One more should be getting nearer to the top of the office in-tray, and it will shortly be joined by another!

    I think this suggests that pointing out BBC bias works (slightly) better if you make it of personal interest to the recepient of your e-mail!!

  3. But really, assuming they don't know anything about you, they should be looking on you or anyone as a potential Tory voter.
    I wonder if his office is staffed by teenage interns and he doesn't have much management skill.
    Who knows ?

  4. My latest round of e-mails mention - just in passing! - that I live in marginal Morecambe. My vote is very necessary for them here if the sitting Labour MP is to be turfed out, as she has a modest but not insignificant majority. Hopefully the interns elsewhere will be the sort whose idea of a good night's read is the list of key Tory target seats!

  5. Please keep us posted on progress. If there was just some way of getting some senior Tories to read this blog.
    My MP here in Edinburgh, Mark Lazarowicz, is a Brown poodle with a large majority and the only threat to him is from the Lib Dems.
    But I might email him and see his response. Problem is that he has been quite helpful to me on a couple of occasions on constituency matters ...... !


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