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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


An ongoing story on Not a Sheep's blog is the way the BBC News website's POLL TRACKER fails to be quickly updated (or not updated at all) whenever the Conservatives' poll lead over Labour widens. I can do no better than lift the entire latest installment of the story and plant it here:
It would seem that the BBC are back to their old tricks as their Poll Tracker has not yet been updated with this weekend's Com Res poll that showed the Conservatives up 2% at 40%, Labour down 2% at 29% and the Lib Dems up 2% at 21%. The BBC are still showing as their latest poll the Populus poll from 8 Feb that showed Labour narrowing the gap and formed the basis of more Labour catching the Tories stories and speculation about hung Parliaments.

I have complained to the BBC again, I wonder if I will receive the same reply that I received the first time I complained "Regrettably this poll was missed, but it has now been added to the polltracker." or the one I received the last time I complained "We have had some minor technical problems with the polltracker which are being rectified this morning. Both polls will shortly appear. Please be assured there is no intent to distort the data in favour of any of the main parties."

I will report back...

Meanwhile it is interesting that Poll Tracker has been moved from its prominent position under "FEATURES, VIEWS, ANALYSIS" just under the headline stories on the Politics news home page to one near the bottom of that page. I wonder if this is in readiness for reporting bad polling news for Labour and if it will return to prominence when a positive for Labour poll appears? I will report back...

Thanks to commentator Llew for the spot that the BBC were up to their old tricks again.

This was at 8 o'clock last night. Ten hours later & there's still no update to the Poll Tracker - four days after the ComRes poll came out in 'The Independent'!


  1. As of 18:40 tonight Poll Tracker has been updated. I have not had a reply to me complaint.

  2. As of 18:40 tonight Poll Tracker has been updated. I have not had a reply to my complaint.

  3. Better very, very late than never!


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