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Thursday, 18 February 2010


Having a spare moment at work this morning, I thought up this little limerick. (God help me!)

Crick's motive in all of his stories
Is how best to damage the Tories.
Of Labour's worse slips
No word leaves his lips.
He'd rather be singing their 'glories'.
As you can see (left, where else?), at least Crick likes it!


  1. It brought a smile to my face too. Not sure I wouldn't prefer a photo of John Prescott
    though !

  2. Be careful what you wish for Grant! There are thousands of gruesome images of the great idiot out there!

  3. When Grant flies to an African plot
    Thinking ‘Labour I’ll soon have forgot!’,
    For services rendered
    To warmist agendas,
    Finds a two-mile high statue of Prescott.

  4. Craig,

    Wow , I am so touched ! Can't compete with the limerick, but I love it !

    My late father , used to write limericks and poetry. He would have loved your one. By the way, he would have been a great supporter of your blog.

    Prescott may be a big thug in the UK , but he is nothing in West Africa . "My boys" there can deal with him easily.

    Don't know so much about a two-mile statue, but I suspect Prescott knows about the two-mile club !




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