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Sunday, 21 February 2010


The Record Europe introduced what sounds like a very detailed piece of statistical research into voting patterns at the European Parliament. Professor Simon Hix of the L.S.E. explained that political parties from across Europe are voting with their European groups far more than they are voting on national grounds. So a British Liberal will vote with Spanish and German liberals far more than they will vote with their national colleagues from other political parties. (I think I could have guessed that, if asked!)
Professor Hix of the L.S.E. (who recently worked in the UK cabinet office) is one of the founders of a non-partisan website called VoteWatchEU, along with fellow L.S.E. prof and former policy advisor at the pro-European think tank the European Policy Centre Dr Sara Hagemann (pictured), Doru Frantescu of the pro-European Young European Federalists and Brussel-based prof Abdul G. Noury.
Their website is at

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  1. This is beyond parody. I think you have taken these names straight from Peter Simple. However, the photo looks real enough.


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