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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The inconsistent drawl of Robert Peston is less in evidence these days, at least on the programmes I review. You are most likely to hear him on the Today programme (as today). Much more familiar, and regularly heard across the BBC's output, are the steady nasal tones of Vince Cable. When yesterday's The World at One discussed UKFI (the weakest link in the government's tripartite system of financial regulation), who did the programme turn to for expert advice? Vince, of course. This morning, when Barclays announced huge profits, who did Today turn to for expert advice? Vince, of course.
Vince was the treasury spokesman missing from yesterday's Today programme, when an I.C. of 1.7 was scored against George Osborne, as compared to only 0.7 against Alistair Darling. How did Vince fare in comparison. His I.C. (from Evan Davis) was just 0.4 (2 interruption in just over 5 minutes).

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