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Saturday, 13 February 2010


Screaming Europhile (and fellow university chancellor and opponent of university funding cuts) Lord Chris Patten is one of the very few Conservatives you might guess that Jim Naughtie would interview without displaying total contempt. I guessed before listening that things would go well between them - and they did. They supported each other's Europhile statements and laughed at each other's jokes. Even so, Naughtie just couldn't resist a dig at the Tories, even here:
Patten: "...and Britain plods along this lonely furrow, still terrified that Europe is creating this superstate which is, of course, not happening at all..."
Naughtie: "And that terror, of course, would be identified (sic) if your party, which you will be out supporting in the election, becomes the government on May 7th".

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