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Sunday, 14 February 2010


He's a lark, isn't he, that Max Cotton? Down for The Politics Show in Somerset and Frome (home of Lib Dem MP David Heath, one of the few Lib Dem MPs to stick to his principles and hiselection pledge to support a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution) to assess the election battle between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, he talked to Mr Heath of course, and to the no-chance Labour candidate (who good-humouredly admitted as much) David Oakensen, who advised voters in the constituency to vote so as to keep the Conservatives out of power. Max asked neither of them any tough or silly questions. He also talked to Conservative candidate Annunziata Rees-Mogg (pictured), a good-natured girl. Guess what? He asked her about how her name plays with the voters on the doorstep and asked her "You're not too posh them"? He did it jokingly and she took it in that spirit. Of course, we Beeb watchers know that such questions from a BBC reporter always have a serious underlying purpose - to paint her (and her party) as, indeed, too posh. The only voter he spoke too (a dairy farmer) said he was voting for Mr Heath. UKIP was not mentioned, though it scored a massive success in the area during last year's European elections. Bags of bias here.

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