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Saturday, 20 February 2010


Following in the footsteps (or tracks) of Today, Newsnight discussed the Tories' decision to pull out of Labour's 'consensus' on high-speed rail. Reporter Matt Prodger outlined the story, featuring Tory critics Norman Baker of the Lib Dems and Kate Henderon of the Town and Country Planning Association (about whom see No Tory came onto the programme, so Lord Adonis (pictured) was invited to face Jeremy Paxman instead (big mistake!). Where Today refused to, and Matt Prodger failed to go, Jeremy Paxman went and gave Lord Adonis a good going over. For the first time, thanks to Jeremy, I understood why the Conservatives refused to go along with the 'consensus' yesterday. It was a Labour trap! Naughtie's failure to even hint at what Jeremy Paxman pointed out shows just what a biased piece of work James Naughtie really is. *


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