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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Credit where credit is due, Nick Robinson was masterly on today's Daily Politics in his handling of Labour spiv Sadiq Khan. His steely grasp of language enabled him to completely pull the rug from under all of Mr Khan's clammy spin. Sir Gus O'Donnell's cautiously-worded admission to a Commons select committee that he had had a word with Brown after all about the prime minister's behaviour towards junior staff ('breaking news' as the programme was on air) was set out by Nick with great precision and all of Mr Khan's many attempts to rebut him and twist the facts were swatted aside with deadly politeness. Of course it helps having Andrew Neil on your side!

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  1. I watched it live and Andrew certainly tore into Khan. Nick stuck to his guns to his credit.

    And they even showed a clip of the wonderful Hong Kong Apple TV cartoon of Gordon the Moron's "alleged" violence.

    But it increasingly seems the journalists and politicians are fighting like ferrets ( no offence to ferrets of which I am quite fond, not pictured ) in a sack. Great spectator sport though, but it is no way to govern a country.

    It certainly wouldn't be allowed under President Jammeh of the Gambia !


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