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Sunday, 21 February 2010


David Vance, guiding genius the Biased BBC website, describes this morning's Andrew Marr interview with George Papandreou, socialist Greek prime minister (and third king of the Papandreou Dynasty), with characteristic pithiness, as "fawning". Marr let so many questions go begging that a new vagrancy law should be brought in just to deal with this man's interviewing technique. Then came his interview with Peter Mandelson, which result in a high I.C. of 1.4 but let so many questions go begging on Labour's astonishing mishandling of the economy as to constitute a whole army of missed opportunities. As well as David's post, the comments are very well worth reading - as they form a fascinating mini-debate on how best to take the battle to the BBC. (And you get to read Martin's latest comment about 5Live as a bonus!)

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