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Sunday, 7 March 2010


I don't know how it was for you in your area, but in my area - the North West of England - the local section of The Politics Show plugged the gap left by the main programme by talking about a certain party donor: "Nationally there's been a lot of concern about the role played by the Conservative vice-chairman Lord Ashcroft," said foxy presenter Annabel Tiffin. "He's influential but he doesn't pay UK tax on most of his income."
The programme's political editor Arif Ansari went to the marginal of Pendle to talk about "the peer with the pennies". He rehearsed all the figures before, with the utmost brevity, mentioning Lord Paul and certain unnamed Lib Dem donors. His first talking head was David Crausby, Labour MP for Bolton NE, who attacked Lord Ashcroft. Arif then talked to a Conservative councillor in Pendle, George Askew, who he challenged over Lord Ashcroft. The Lib Dems are also "circling", Arif said, and "not reassured by the Conservatives' arguments", as we heard from Lord Greaves, who attacked Lord Ashcroft. He then spoke to Andy Morgan, the Conservative candidate in the safe Labour seat of Bolton SE, asking him "So how do you feel when you look at some of your other colleagues who've got so much more (money) than you?"*
Arif then interviewed the main candidates in Pendle. The sitting Labour MP Gordon Prentice was not interrupted. Nor was the Lib Dem candidate Afzal Anwah. Only the Conservative candidate Andrew Stephenson was interrupted - twice.
Was something similar going on across the other regions?

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