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Friday, 5 March 2010


Well, what a shocker last night's Question Time turned out to be!
Like many of the commentators on the Biased BBC blogsite I was growing red in the face at various stages of the programme and would have liked to punch David Dimbleby's smug face on the computer screen - but as I've just bought the laptop I don't want to do anything to damage it quite yet!
I'll break my review of this programme into three separate posts, so as to (hopefully) make them easier on the eye.
I want to start with the audience which (judging by the applause) contained just a couple of Conservatives and seemed about as much a fair cross-section of public opinion as a meeting of the Hampstead and Highgate Labour Party (which is probably where most of them had just come straight from). If a significant proportion of that audience weren't Labour Party activists I'll eat my hat!
On the subject of the audience, can't the Conservatives and UKIP call on all their respective activists to watch the Question Time audience each week and point out all the Labour activists and parliamentary candidates they recognise? Some have already been spotted of course, but surely vast numbers of them troop across the country to attend the programme, pretending as if they are locals and just members of the public.
I've been trying to see if the Daniel De'Ath who asked that extremely rude question of Nigel Farage on last week's anti-UKIP edition of the programme was the same Daniel De'Ath who twice stood (and lost) for Labour in Nuneaton's local elections, but unfortunately not one of the local Conservatives I e-mailed (who might have known about that Mr De'ath, or asked people who did) has yet bothered to reply. (They might be busy, of course, with the coming election and replies may come). The evidence that they are one and the same is far from overwhelming but a Midlands newspaper carries a picture of the chap from the Cardiff-based edition of Question Time (which suggests, if nothing else, that the guy came to Cardiff from the Midlands to ask Mr Farage that hostile question). There's no picture of 'the other' Daniel De'Ath. So are they the same man, or not? I would love to know.


  1. I will be sending the bbc QT a letter of congratulation on their ability to plumb new depths of bias.
    Not only did we have "Red Ken" against "Our Ken", but a loony Moslem radical and a LibDem MP from Cornwall who proved once and for all that a vote for LibDems is a vote for Brown.
    So we had 3 and the totally biased Dimbleby against what is one of the most popular politicians in the country. He performed extremely well but was booed loudly when he pointed out the 2 left wingers and the LibDem cuckoo in the nest.
    I believe the bbc have now gone a step too far with this programme, and I am hopeful that the resounding NO of the public will tell them so.
    Pity we cannot follow Canada's example and so NO to PC changes to the national anthem.
    Time to stop this farce.

  2. I wish I hadn't listened to it. It made me so angry.
    It really is time to stop it - but it's going to a struggle.
    Peter Oborne is today highlighting a 'plot to stop the Tories EVER regaining power' between the Labour and the Lib Dems.
    The cuckoos in the nest have been sucking up to Labour for months now, with Vince Cable (ex-Labour) at the forefront of the attack on the Tories.
    The last Prime Minister's Questions saw Vince slagging off Lord Ashcroft rather than attacking the government and this is only the latest example of the Lib-Lab pact that's already pretty much up-and-running.
    The BBC are clearly in on this.


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