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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I blogged on Saturday that the BBC News website was, characteristically, ignoring several stories about big Democratic Party scandals in the US (The Great Mardell,
The Financial Times is the latest media source to review the cases of Messers Massa, Rangel and Paterson. The FT says that the case of Mr Massa in particular "has Washington enthralled" and tells us that "Democratic leaders are worried that the scandals could tar Democrats with the brush of corruption during the November mid-term elections".
The story remains absent, however, on the BBC News website. It may be gripping the Washington village, but it's not gripping the BBC. Or maybe it is but they're just not bothering to tell us about it.
The story of Mr Massa, however, also appears in The Times:
And in The Guardian:
As well as where I first saw it, in the Telegraph:
Will Mark Mardell & co ever get round to mentioning any of this? They find time to tell us about so many things, so it's not as if they're lazy.

UPDATE (11/3): This has now also been spotted by DB on the biased BBC blogsite:

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  1. The bbc for all the (our) money spent on covering USA and its news, is very poor at understanding this country and its politics.
    Only a juicy GOP scandal will cause them to pick at the keyboards.


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