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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


This morning's Today was back on the topic of the Conservative Party's 'far-right' European associates, with yet another reporter being dispatched to do Denis MacShane's dirty work for him:

Every year on March 16th World War II veterans place flowers on a monument to commemorate their friends and comrades who died defending Latvia against Stalin's Soviet invaders.

But these veterans fought while serving in Hitler's army, wearing the uniforms of the Waffen SS.

Many of those who take part in the event are members of nationalist groups, such as the far-right Fatherland and Freedom party, the party that sits with the Conservatives in the European Conservatives and Reformists group in the European Parliament.

Correspondent Damien McGuinness went to this years commemoration.
The report's 'independent expert' is one Chris Hales, introduced by Damien merely as a 'historian'. Have a good read of Mr Hales's blog and you'll see that he's a very partisan leftie, regularly denouncing the British Conservatives (with particular bitterness towards 'bloated Etonian' David Cameron (with his 'coiffured little head') and 'the egregious Thatcher') and all other such 'reactionaries'. Even German Liberals are far too right-wing for him!
In Mr Hales's Trotskyite 'past' (nostalgically recalled in his blog), I bet he was the sort who shouted 'fascist!' at anyone to the right of Tony Benn! (Those were the days!) He doesn't seem to entirely grown out of that silly habit.
Note how the BBC, without qualification, calls Fatherland and Freedom a far-right party (as Mr Hales does in his blog). This terminology is strongly disputed by the Conservative Party.
(Incidentally, talking of Damien McGuinness, Happy St Patrick's Day to you all!)

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