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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Richard Littlejohn is (in)famous for the catchphrase "you couldn't make it up!" Well, here's a letter from the 'You Ask The Questions' section of the latest edition of the Radio Times, in which 'we' ask the questions to David Dimbleby, which might make you think "you couldn't make it up!". Except that you could make it up - and I suspect someone (at the BBC?) has made it up!!! (Or else there's a very delusional man wandering the streets of Birmingham in urgent need of psychiatric help).
Here's what Alan Munro, Birmingham asks David Dimbleby:
Could BBC 1's Question Time do with more varied panels? The standard line-up of three politicians from the main centre-right parties, a journo from a centre-right newspaper, plus one other, turns me off.

You won't be surprised to hear that Pravda chose this as the only question 'we' asked David Dimbleby specifically about Question Time.
This is the this sort of thing that earns the BBC the nickname of Pravda. Have they no shame? (That would be a good catchphrase too!).

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