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Saturday, 6 March 2010


Brown's performance at the Chilcot Inquiry was given a clean bill of health by Robin Lustig on last night's The World Tonight.
And what did Newsnight's political editor Michael Crick make of this major story - the story of a sitting prime minister being questioned at a major public inquiry about his own role in the most controversial war for decades? We'll never know because Crick went missing in action. Like Macavity Brown during the Iraq War, Crick vanishes from any crime scene that might implicate Labour, yet he was all over Newsnight earlier in the week when the Tories were in the firing line. He doesn't mind occasionally (very occasionally) reporting gossip and trivia about Labour but anything serious, or potentially seriously damaging to Labour, and he's off!
Instead of the Hidden Paw, we got his understudy David Grossman.
The usual cast of characters followed, with Sir Ming Campbell being given the 'independent expert' treatment by Emily Maitlis.

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