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Sunday, 7 March 2010


Going back in time to Friday and Carolyn Quinn on PM, who did we get to talk about the prime minister's performance at the Chilcot Inquiry? First Labour advisor David Clark (who worked with Robin Cook and John Reid), then Colonel Richard Kemp and then the odious Denis MacShane MP, whose every appearance contains at least one childish insult (here "Liam Fox...needs to grow up"). MacShane spun so brazenly for Gordon Brown here that even Nick Robinson, who followed, felt obliged to say that many listeners would be throwing things at the radio on hearing what MacShane he'd said!
Unlike earlier in the week, when the Conservatives were under fire, no political opponents appeared on this programme. Why not?

Here's the programme (for a few more days):

In fairness to the programme, just listen to the comments from listeners in the closing quarter of an hour. They suggest that the overwhelming response to the Lord Ashcroft story has been that people either didn't think it was news at all or that they were angry at the Beeb's bias over the issue. How delicious to have the very biased Carolyn Quinn read them out!

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