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Friday, 5 March 2010


I've only had time this morning to watch the first twenty minutes of Question Time (the rest will be a 'treat' for after I get in from work tonight!), but have just witnessed Boris Johnson brilliantly brushing off that particularly irritating (and large) fly, David Dimbleby, who was buzzing around him with a vengeance, interrupting him 5 times during his answer to the inevitable first question about Lord Ashcroft.
The 'famously impartial' Dimbleby (according to the Radio Times that is) questioned Boris closely, though he also questioned Shirley Williams about crooked Lib Dem donor Michael Brown and also, for some strange reason, about Labour's Lord Paul (without going into any detail about Lord Paul, of course.)
Who wasn't questioned on the subject by David Dimblebias? Labour's Lord Adonis (not pictured). Why didn't Dimbleby ask him about any of Labour's myriad questionable donors? Or put to him the wonderful Carol Vorderman's point that it's an irony (to put it mildly) that Lord Mandelson is leading Labour's charge over this? No, Dimblebias let Lord Adonis have his say uninterrupted then moved on without a supplementary question. Can you imagine Eddie Mair doing that? Or Andrew Neil?
It's time to put Dimbleby out to pasture (or, to avoid mixing metaphors, buy a very large piece of fly paper).

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