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Saturday, 6 March 2010


It's been a scandal-filled week for the American Democratic Party, according to The Daily Telegraph:

Eric Massa, a Democratic congressman, has announced his resignation after it emerged that the House ethics committee is investigating allegations that he sexually harassed a male staff member. Congressman Charles Rangel stood down as head of the powerful tax-writing ways and means committee after the ethics committee criticised him for violating House rules by taking Caribbean trips sponsored by corporations. And David Paterson, the New York governor, was clinging to power amid reports that he intervened in a domestic violence case involving an aide and sought free tickets to a Yankees baseball game.

There's no mention of Mr Massa's plight on the BBC News website. Mr Rangel's appointment was reported back on 4/1/07, but news of his resignation is also missing from the BBC News website. There have been no updates about Mr Paterson since that article I quoted on 26/2/10, which managed to forget to tell us that Mr Paterson is a Democrat.
Mark Mardell's blog certainly doesn't mention any of this. His latest post discusses the 'dirtiness' of the coming mid-term elections in the US, highlighting (and mocking) a Republican 'Powerpoint presentation' in the process:
Referring to its portrayal of Harry Reid as Scooby-Doo, Mark makes this thoroughly biased statement: "It's true Scooby is the least loveable and most irritating cartoon character ever". Really? What about Tweetie Pie? Or Woody Woodpecker? Or the Roadrunner? And what about the Great Gazoo from The Flintstones? He was a pain in the neck! Surely the Great Gazoo (a green-coloured Ed Balls in a helmet who used to bully Michael Go..., no sorry, Fred Flintstone) is far less lovable and far more irritating than poor Scooby? And as for Scrappy-Doo (though somewhat after my time)!!!!!! Mark's poor judgement here, on an issue of international importance, surely reflects very badly on his overall judgement!

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  1. Erring Republicans are identified, Democrats are not. In the UK the same rule applies respectively to Conservatives and Labour politicians. It's an easy rule and one that the BBC do try to implement.


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