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Thursday, 11 March 2010


Baroness Ashton was one of the topics on last night's The World Tonight.
Robin Lustig said that "she has already suffered sustained sniping from some EU capitals." (Yes, there's that word 'sniping' again!) He continued, "There were complaints that she didn't visit Haiti immediately after the earthquake and that she failed to make it to the inauguration of the new Ukranian president." This is another bit of sloppy BBC journalism. Lady Ashton did make it to the inauguration of the new Ukranian president. The complaint was that in doing so she failed to make it to a joint EU-Nato defence meeting. That's two mistakes on just one detail of a single story from two top BBC reporters in just two days! It doesn't fill you with confidence, does it?
Reporter Dominic Hughes then went on to dismiss the complaint about Haiti as 'relatively trivial' . His report ended with these words: "As MEPs filed out of the parliament's beehive-shaped chamber after Cathy Ashton's speech some were saying she's turned a corner, others that the time for sniping (yes, that word again - again!) has past and that they'll just have to get on and work with her." So, a win-win result for Baroness Ashton - if Dominic Hughes is to be believed.

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  1. Mistakes by Robin Lustig, but do you consider him biased? I know I used to savour listening to him as an old style BBC journalist dedicated to facilitating debate not rigging it.


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