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Saturday, 20 March 2010


What better way to start a Saturday morning that with my weekly check-up on how Newsnight deals with the newspaper front pages?

Here are this week's lists, as ever recording each mention in order of mention:

Fri 19/3 Gavin Esler
1. The Times
2. The Guardian
3. The Telegraph
4. The Independent

Thu 18/3 Kirsty Wark
1. The Guardian
2. The Financial Times
3. Daily Telegraph
4. The Times
5. The Independent

Wed 17/3 Jeremy Paxman
1. The Times
2. The Financial Times
3. The Independent
4. The Daily Mail
5. The Guardian

Tue 16/3 Jeremy Paxman
1. The Independent
2. The Guardian
3. The Times
4. The Daily Telegraph

Mon 15/3 Jeremy Paxman
1. The Financial Times
2. The Guardian
3. The Daily Telegraph
4. The Daily Mail

Despite a nail-biting finish to Wednesday's edition, The Guardian continues its unbroken run, being the only newspaper to be featured in every single review since records began (on 8/2/10).

The tally that answers the question 'Which is the newspaper Newsnight most often begins its front pages review with?' now records:

1. The Guardian - 11 first mentions
2. The Independent - 5 first mentions
3. The Times - 4 first mentions
4. The Daily Telegraph & The Financial Times - 3 first mentions each

So after 6 weeks, the running total for all mentions produces this list:

1. The Guardian - 26 mentions
2. The Independent & The Daily Telegraph - 19 mentions each
3. The Financial Times - 17 mentions
4. The Daily Mail - 12 mentions
5. The Times - 9 mentions
6. The Sun - 3 mentions
7. The Daily Express - 2 mentions

The Guardian, the inky wing of the BBC, remains at the front of the field, with a strong lead over its nearest rivals. (The Sun might like to note how it and its sibling The Times fare in comparison!)

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