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Monday, 8 March 2010


Time for another brief ride on one of my more 'out-there' hobby horses. Glenn Campbell, host of The Politics Show: Scotland is, as I've shown in some detail here, biased towards Labour and against the SNP and the Conservatives. Another week, and yet more proof.
A three-way discussion on spending cuts between Conservative David Mundell, the SNP's Stewart Hosie and Labour's David Cairns saw Mr Mundell interrupted 4 times (I.C. of 0.9), Mr Hosie interrupted 3 times (I.C. of 0.5) and Mr Cairns interrupted twice (I.C. of 0.4). This shows what any viewer could plainly see, that Mr Mundell had a tougher time of it than Mr Cairns.
I last e-mailed Mr Mundell a week ago with a full, updated list of Glenn's interruption coefficients and his automated e-mail response proves that he's got it (if nothing else). I will send a further update today. Having his appearance on yesterday's show fresh in his mind should help convince him that there's a problem with The Politics Show: Scotland - and that something needs doing about it, and soon.

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