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Thursday, 11 March 2010


Spot a detail that's missing from Carolyn Quinn's introduction to the story of the three Labour MPs and one Conservative peer who faced their day in court today, facing fraud charges:
"They left the court to jeers from a few members of the public - three MPs, one Conservative peer making a notorious mark on history as the first to face court action over their expenses claims. Jane Peel was watching as Lord Hanningfield, Elliot Morley, David Chaytor and Jim Devine appeared before City of Westminster Magistrates court."

Jane Peel also studiously avoided mentioning the word 'Labour'.
CeannP & David H on the Biased BBC blogsite also spotted this. Hopefully large numbers of other PM listeners noticed it too.
This was not the only problem with this edition of the programme. The Unite union, who fund Labour on a very large scale, are agitating for another BA cabin crew strike. Carolyn interviewed Labour MP Kevin Barron and Conservative MP Ken Clarke. She behaved odiously towards Mr Clarke, interrupting him with determination and questioning him far more than she questioned the Unite-backed Mr Barron (7 questions to Ken, 3 to Kev). The resultant I.C. for Ken Clarke was 1.6. Her treatment of Mr Barron was less strenuous (I.C. of 0.9), and included an 'indeed' for one of the points he was making against Ken Clarke - which is rather naughty for a supposedly impartial interviewer.
Next came a 'four-minute hate' against the new 'world's richest man' (according to Forbes), Mexican media mogul Carlos Slim. This self-made man, a son of Lebanese immigrants, must be a remarkable figure. Not that Caroline Hawley's hate piece paid him any tributes. Far from it. She didn't even grant him the courtesy of a balanced report. I would have liked to have heard something of his story. What a waste!
As well as Steve Forbes, whose magazine compiles the rankings, we heard only from people who clearly hate Mr Slim. Then, waxing righteous herself, Caroline opined "Well a gap of 500 million (between Mr Slim's fortune and that of Bill Gates) certainly isn't very narrow to you or me, or to the vast majority of Mexicans and in a country where millions of people live in poverty Carlos Slim is obscenely rich." (Her emphasis).
The whole programme can be heard here:

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  1. Today the bbc 4 news did keep mentioning the Labour MP's in court - so again the message is getting through to beeboids that people are fed up with their bias.
    Quinn and Naughty we will never change as they are loony left wing through and through.
    I feel sorry for the outside broadcasters they demand speak their language and show the same left bias messages.
    Some sound distinctly unhappy with this bullying, such as stating misinformation such as Labour also support the introduction of high speed broadband in the UK, when we all know that they copied this from the opposition and were very late to the party.


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