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Saturday, 13 March 2010


Time for that traditional Saturday feature, the listings for the Newsnight front pages' review for last week - in order of mention. Neither Tuesday nor Wednesday's programmes had time at the end for the papers, so there are only three day's worth of details this week:

Mon 8/3 Jeremy Paxman
1. The Times
2. The Guardian
3. The Sun
4. The Financial Times

Thu 11/3 Kirsty Wark
1. The Guardian
2. The Times
3. The Telegraph
4. The Independent
5. The Financial Times
6. The Daily Mail

Fri 12/3 Gavin Esler
1. The Guardian
2. The Telegraph
3. The Daily Mail

As you can see the Guardian continues to be the BBC's house mag (as Not a sheep calls it). It's the only newspaper to be mentioned in every one of the reviews (no other newspaper comes even close) since I began my review five weeks ago (21/21)).
Besides the sheer number of mentions, it's revealing to note just how often the Guardian is also the first newspaper to be mentioned. The results from the last five weeks are stark:
1. The Guardian - 10 first mentions
2. The Independent - 4 first mentions
3. The Telegraph -3 first mentions
4. The Times & the Financial Times - 2 first mentions each
Like many others, I always had a feeling that I was hearing more about The Guardian on the BBC than about any other newspaper. By the simple act of listing and counting, I now know that it why I had that feeling!!
Some of their rivals might be interested in knowing this, which gives me an idea...

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