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Sunday, 7 March 2010


A turn up for the books on this week's The Record: Europe. Here are this week's interruption coefficients:
Mary Honeyball (Lab) -0.9
Charles Tannock (Con) - 0.8
Marina Yennakoudakis (Con) - 0.7
Never before (well not since I began surveying the programme) has any Labour MEP suffered so many interruptions from Shirin (0.5 was the previous highest I.C.).
The issue was the EU's new legislation on maternity leave/pay (seeking to extent both across the entire continent). Mrs Honeyball was hovering between her own personal approval for such legislation and her party's official wariness. Shirin sought clarification and, by the sounds of it, a declaration of open support for the EU position. She got both.

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