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Saturday, 6 March 2010


Not a sheep blogged this morning that the BBC is ignoring another political story of considerable importance:

Labour's coming NHS cuts

The Telegraph reports that: "Hundreds of NHS wards to be shut in secret plans"

Labour's secret plans for swingeing cuts are criticised in The Telegraph by Norman Lamb of the Lib Dems, so it's already an election issue - or should be. I've waited a few hours to see if anything pops up anywhere on the BBC News website but, nine hours on, the story is still nowhere to be seen.
Here's Not a sheep's conclusion:
NHS cuts planned by Labour and of course not a word on the BBC who prefer to concentrate on speculation about Lord Ashcroft. Labour know big cuts will need to be made post the election, the BBC know that this is the case but there is a general election campaign to be won for Labour so it's shhhh don't scare the Labour voters and let the truth go hang. I would be disgusted if I had not predicted this so long ago.

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  1. Perhaps you do not listen to bbc radio on Sunday too much?
    You only get cataclysmic news on this day as the champagne socialist editors and presenters take a breather ready for Monday's deluge of slanted propaganda.
    I tend to listen to radio 3.


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