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Monday, 8 March 2010


After last week's shock of hearing a centre-right campaign group and a Eurosceptic think tank both appearing on the same edition of Today - where you're usually unlikely to hear a squeak from either for weeks on end - it was back to business as usual today with a story based on a report by a left-of-centre think tank, The Young Foundation. Robin Murray from that organisation was Evan Davis's guest.
(How about a 'complaints choir' to protest against left-wing bias at the BBC?)
It was quite a day for lefties on this morning's programme. We also had Mark Serwotka of the PCS union - Britain's most left-wing trades union leader (against tough competition). He attacked Mrs Thatcher, among other things.
Jack Straw joined Phil Hope for a Labour Day. The interview between Mr Straw and John Humphrys was good-natured and full of mutual understanding (I.C. of 0.9).
Small-scale hydroelectric schemes and their possibly damaging effects on wildlife were discussed with New Labour-type Tony Grayling, head of climate change at the Environment agency and a former associate director of the BBC's favourite think tank, the Labour-aligned IPPR, and Mark Lloyd of the non-aligned Angling Trust.*

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  1. Same old rubbish on the Toady Programme.
    I have learnt only to listen to it for 30 minutes total for if it is not fully biased and even tells lies, then it is boring.
    I suggest the ratings for it have gone down which is why it is more subdued.
    The bbc programme on the Tea Party showed they still do not understand it, but they are frightened of it.
    Could it happen here? - the land is fertile for it, but the will appears lacking.


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